Our range of styles and colours are here for you to play with, and adaptable enough to be used for applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, backsplashes, wall cladding, furniture and even flooring. With our quartz surfaces, you have an endless range of creative opportunities at your

The ultra-durable surfaces of Terry Quartz means that in most cases, even stubborn stains and dried spills can be simply and easily removed using only a sponge (or cloth), warm water and a household spray or mild detergent. Having nowhere to hide;

Terry Quartz is comprised mostly of quartz, which is harder and stronger than granite. The resin binder acts as a sealant, which makes the entire surface completely non-porous. No other surface combines the uncompromising beauty of natural marble and othe

While Terry Quartz surface is designed not to scratch, deliberate and careless handling will ultimately damage any surface. While it’s not recommended; dropping a pot pan or other heavy object will generally not damage the surface.